PRESENT: Roger G, Paula Mawby, Lorna Potter, John & Hester Gillbard

APOLOGIES : Clive Kidman, Drew Potter, Philip G.




AUSTRALIAN REUNION 2010 : Fiona explained all about the Reunion to Australia.

HOME REUNION 2012 : We talked about going to Eliott House, Liskeard in June 2012, to be decided.

NEWLETTER : It was agreed to produce 50 in Colour.

EMAILS: Robin Goleby had sent an email about her and others going to the USA for a family wedding.




ANY OTHER BUSINESS : JOhn reported that there was 957 in the account.

 DONM ; Oct 12th 2011at Hendforth Grange, Liskeard.


The meeting started with us standing for a Minutes Silence in memory of Jack Gillbard, our President who died in August.

PRESENT : Roger G, Philip G, John & Hester G, Betty Bloye, Paula Mawby, Dorothy Davey, & Lorna Potter.



EMAILS RECIEVED : From Australia.

GILLBARD FAMILY BOOK : Paula and John have met and Paula presented some early pages. It is going to be worked around the various Generations, starting with Thomas Gillbard as No 1 and so on. John agreed to meet Paula again November when she should have Jack's GILLBARD BOX of photo's etc to make more progress. We have received an excellent contribution from the Australian GILLBARD's. If you have a contribution to make concerning your branch of the family please get in touch me as soon as possible.

GILLBARD FAMILY ACCOUNT: John stated that there was 422 in hand, but approx 231 was committed to future Newsletters etc over the next 5 years..

NEWSLETTER No 7 John agreed to meet with Paula to help produce a "Special issue" before Christmas in memory of Jack Gillbard.

BIRTHS/DEATHS/MARRIAGES : Lorna told us that she had got married in September, and was now Mrs Lorna Potter. Andrew Gillbard is getting married in November 04, and Rachael Gillbard next July 05.

2005 REUNION : This was discussed and agreed thus :

FRIDAY - APRIL 29th at 6 pm for a 7.30 pm Buffett sit down meal at EAGLE HOUSE, LAUNCESTON. Cost approx 12.

SATURDAY -APRIL 30th - COACH & RIVER TRIP, Starting from Liskeard Car Park at 10.00am to a National Trust house near Plymouth and a boat ride up the River Tamar to Calstock, or vice versa according to the tide. Stopping for Fish & Chips on the home. Cost approx 20 depending on numbers.

SUNDAY: MAY 1st - Service at North Petherwin Parish Church, where Thomas Gillbard is buried. After the service we plan to go Bude approx 12 miles away on the North Coast for lunch, either taking a picnic or going into a pub or Cafe etc, to suit oneself. After looking around Bude we will make our way down the coast to Boscastle ( floods !!??) And onto Tintagel of King Arthur fame. Finally making our way back to Trethorne, Launceston for about 6.00pm and a 2 course Carvery Meal at 6.30 pm. Cost of the day is approx' 20

GOODBYES at Trethorne after the meal.

If you have any questions concerning the above week end please contact John Gillbard on 01209 213192 or email me on


15 August 2004 - Sadly I have to report that Jack our beloved President died today, in Liskeard Hospital, aged 85.


REUNION 2004 May 7th ( Updated June 16. 2004 )

A Group of about 18 members met at Trethorne Farm, launceston at 2pm and we set off for Sliddon Farm, North Petherwin from where the first Thomas Gillbard was born, we saw the farmhouse and then called back at North Petherwin Church as some had not seen his grave in the church yard. We the continued to Launceston and The Ranch at Chapple, which C.H.Gillbard had built in about 1935/6 time in red brick. The lady of the house welcomed us, a Mrs Mary Walters, and I explained about his life , his good and bad works !! ( Photo of group yet to be developed ) We then went into Launceston and I showed the group where R.D.Gillbard's and his son J.T Gillbard shops were up to approx' 1980. We then went back to Penfoot Farm , South Petherwin, where Thomas Dinnis farmed about 1843 to 1853, before going to Pollinnick, then his father, Thomas Gillbard 2nd came there to semi retire, we the continued on our way to Trethorne Farm, where we met up with others for a 6pm Carvery meal, which was excellent. We then chatted with each other and left approx' 8pm to wend our way homewards, after an excellent sunny day. The sad part of the day was that we missed our President Jack Gillbard, and Meg.

{short description of image}

This photo was taken in June 2004, with Jack on his Electric Scooter, with Meg, son Phillip and Daughter Kathryn.

So now we look forward to our Major Reunion from April 29 - May 2 in 2005. We have already heard that members from Australia and USA are coming. I know of one member from the UK who has not attended before has booked the date and will be joining us, so I hope several others who have not attended before will come and join us during the week end. JEG



March 21st 2004

PRESENT: John & Hester G, Betty Bloye, Phil G, Paula G.

APOLOGIES: Jack Gillbard ( Unwell) Roger G, Dorothy Davey, Lorna Keast,


These were read and agreed.


REUNION 2004 on MAY 8th . WE shall meet up at Trethorne Farm, Kennards House, Launceston at 2 pm. We shall leave in our cars approx' 2.30pm to visit SLIDDON FARM, NTH PETHERWIN ( Where Thomas G No 1, was born ) we shall the go back into town to Chapple and see the Ranch where C.H. Gillbard lived. Then into town to see where he went to school, his shop, now a Betting Shop !!, where his father R.D G first went from Trevozah to be an apprentice Hatter. We shall see also the position of his brother J.T G, Ironmongers shop, and hopefully stop for an afternoon cup of tea, or look around the town. Then onto Penfoot Farm, Sth Petherwin to see where Thomas G , No 2 farmed in retirement !! before going back to Trecrogo where he died. We are unable this time to visit Trevozha as planned. The back to Trethorne Farm for a get togther and chat plus a CARVERY MEAL at 6pm. Please book your meal with John Gillbard 01209 213192 please before the end of April 2004.

REUNION 2005 . This will be from Friday April 29 to Monday May 2nd 2005.

The Grand Reunion Dinner on Friday evening at Eagle House, Launceston has been booked, where we hope to see approx' 100 of the family members. Some Austrlians and American family members have already indicated that they are coming, and we expect to our UK members also. The Saturday is being planned to be a coach trip, and the Sunday morning Service morning service is planned to be at North Petherwin Parish Church, I notice that their usual service is at 10.15 am, (where the Gillbard's are buried). Monday is still be worked on.

GILLBARD FAMILY ACCOUNT: John reported that it contained 423, with 124 committed already.

WEBSITE: . John reported that over 1000 hits had been made on it, over the past 3 years.

NEWSLETTER: Paula Gillbard presented a draft copy, which it is hoped will printed and posted by the end of the month.

BIRTHS/DEATHS/MARRIAGES: Kathleen Gillbard had died in Liskeard.

Paula Gillbard is getting married to Allan Mawby who went to school with her in Liskead, this will take place on April 29th, 2004.

NO Births to report !!??

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Betty Bloye brought an old photo c. 1900, of Hendra Green Farm, Egloskerry with Charlie Gillbard and family. Betty said she used to stay there as a young girl. The farm is still farmed by the Gillbard's.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING : 11th October 2004 at Trethorne Farm.


October 6 th 2003

PRESENT: Jack G, Roger G, John & Hester G, Betty Bloye, Lorna Keast, Dorothy Davey. APOLOGIES: Phil G, Susan G, Paula G,



REUNION 2004 : on May 8th. It was agreed that we would look at the Thomas Gillbard's 1,2,3. From Sliddon, Trevozah, Penfoot Farms. Also look around Launceston at J.T & R.D.Gillbards shops and the Ranch, once home of C.H. Gillbard if possible. We would all meet at Trethorne at 2pm to meet up with a coach to take us around and bring us back for a Carvery Meal at 7 pm.

REUNION 2005: The first week-end in May 2005.

Friday evening Dinner at Eagle House, Launceston.

Saturday : Coach trip to Compton Castle, near Torquay in Devon ? home of the Gilbert family. Sunday: 11.00 am Service at North Petherwin Church of England, ( where the Gilbert/Gillbard's used to attend when living at Sliddon Farm, 1690 onwards.

After lunch, maybe a coach trip to the North Coast at Bude, Tintagel etc.

Monday ??????? Any Suggestions ????????

NEWSLETTER : The next Letter to be produced in March 2004.

WEBSITE: John reported that it had 966 hits since Feb 2001.

GILLBARD FAMILY ACCT: This stood at 465 in hand, with 124 already committed.


OTHER BUSINESS : John reported that he had am email from Elaine in Canada concerning the old THOMAS GILLBARD SCHOOL in Cobourg , which it was hoped would be turned into the GILLBARD CULTURAL CENTRE very soon. Roger Gillbard brought along 2 photos of his grandfathers Wedding, ( John Gillbard ) which had long thought to have been burnt.

DATE , PLACE & TIME of next Meeting : on March 22, 2004 , at Trethorne at 7.30pm.



Gillbards from as far as Inglewood, Queensland, Australia came together on Sunday, May 4th for their Annual Reunion, held this year in Devon.

This was due to the fact that an Alfred Gillbard moved their in 1929, to Hele Barton Farm at Black Dog, near Morchard Bishop, Crediton, with his family of 7 sons and 2 daughters.

Many of that family are still farming in the district, with his son Leslie, still living at Hele Barton, with his son Brian and his grandson Paul, with granddaugter Claire getting married in June.

So it was that we started assembling in the London Inn Car Park about 10.30 am ready to go to Morchard Bishop Methodist Church for the service at 11.00 am. The Family Service in the modernised chapel with Electronic Organ, OHP etc , was swelled by nearly 20 Gillbard family members , so that the church as well filled.

After the service we went back to the London Inn for lunch, which was also well filled as more members had arrived by this time. After a hearty dinner we finally left the Car Park at 2.30pm, seeing some had got lost on their way to Morchard Bishop !!??.

{short description of image}

We first visited the local Parish Churchyard where Alfred was buried after the service in Morchard Bishop Methodist Church. He died on Oct 13, 1952, at the age of 67. He had been a well respected famer, local councillor , etc among many more position he held it in the community

{short description of image} {short description of image}

We then went onto South Emlett Farm, nearby where Sidney his first son to marry went to farm, there the present owner told us about the history of the farmhouse going back to the 14/15 th centuries. Frank another of Alfreds sons was able to tell the owner that Sidney had the farm RENT FREE for the 1st year, HALF RENT for the 2nd year, and FULL RENT for the 3rd year, and then he left. So that spoke for the condition of the farm and house when he went there, apart from the house being in a very poor state the farm was overrun with RABBITS. The present owner stating that as many as 70 rabbitts could seen in a 7 acre field, and the Rabbit Trappers money paid the yearly rent for the farm !!

The owner writes in the Western Morning Paper in the Farming supplement , and the following Wednesday wrote about the farm and our visit.

Onto Bishopleigh Farm, where Frank had farmed , and Kenneth, who died last year, the husband of Vera at the London Inn. This now being a Dairy Farm with over 100 cows being milked . Alfreds grandson David now farms here, the 3rd generation of Gillbards to have farmed it, and he to has a son to carry it on .

{short description of image}

Then onto Hele Barton, ( where Jack & Meg Gillbard, Laurel & Ian Dawson had stayed the night, as they have accommodation which they let to visitors.) for our Barbeque, which was well done by Alfreds grandaughter Caroline, and Brian Gillbard of Hele Barton. After a time spent chatting with each other it was time to go our several ways, so about 7.30pm we started for home after a very good day together, NO RAIN !! and now looking forward to next years Reunion.




PRESENT; Jack G, Roger G, Philip G, John G, Hester G, Paula G, Dorothy Davey, Betty Bloye,

APOLOGIES: Lorna Keast, Susan G, Ann Morgan

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING: These were agreed and the Chairman signed them.

MATTERS ARISING ; None, all would come up on the Agenda

NEWSLETTER: Paula presented a draft copy of No 4 which she and John had been working on, a few amendaments and additions were made, and all agreed that it was OK. It was agreed that we try and get No 4 in the post during the last of March 2003.

WEBSITE: John reported that the site had had over 800 hits since its commencement in Feb 2001, and that he had had emails from various people because of it. One was from an old school friend of Estelle Bienhoff who found her in the Norton Photo from 2000 Reunion. She would love to make ot contact with Estelle again, so if our American family friends see this please let me know Estelle's email address and I will pass it on, so they may make contact again.

GILLBARD FAMILY ACCOUNT : John reported that there was 332 in he bank which was not committed.

BIRTHS/ MARRIAGES/DEATHS; We are delighted to report 2 engagements, Paula Gillbard to Alan Mawby, who lives across the road from her, on old school friend !! and Rachael Gillbard, from Catchfrench, Liskeard, to Gareth -----. Claire Gillbard from Hele Barton, Blackdog, is getting married in June to Richard Baxter.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS : It was agreed after some discussion to hold our next MAJOR REUNION on the first week end in May 2005, and each member was asked to bring along one idea to the next meeting in October 2003. If any member has an idea they would like to share with us please contact John Gillbard before the next meeting. It was agreed to book Derek Friend Coaches again as they were so good to us in 2000.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Oct 6th 2003 at 7.30pm at Trethorne Farm, Launceston.



Present: Jack G, Paula G, Roger G, John G, Dorothy Davey, Betty Bloye,

Apologies: Philip G, Lorna Keast.

Minutes of the previous meeting: These were read and signed as correct.

Emails etc: John said that he had had several emails from people who had found the web site and wanted information, including Ted Lang from Canada who had sent a copy of the Lang Family Newsletter, as a Lang married one of Thomas 2nd Gillbard's sisters, Mary in 1811.

Newsletter No 4: It was agreed to major this one on the family of Alfred Gillbard 1885 - 1952 whose family went to Devon in 1929, where next years Family Reunion will take place on May 4th 2003. Centred on Morchard Bishop & Black Dog areas. Canada and the Thomas Gillbard School which had now closed would be featured also.

Gillbard Family Account: This was in good shape with 417 in the bank.

Births-Deaths- Marriages:

We were glad to report a daughter Emma Joy born in Australia to Bruce & Sarah Gillbard.

Deaths: Kenneth Gillbard son of Alfred had died during the year.

No Marriages were reported !!

REUNION 2003; As reported above this will be to Devon on May 4th, 2003.

Any other business: It was decided to ask if anyone else would like join the committee, so if you would be able to join us twice a year please contact John Gillbard who will give you furthur information if required.

John showed some photo's of the foundations of the GILLBARD TOILETS in the school in Gambia, Mrs Horner is going out in November and hopes to bring back pictures of the completed toilets, here it is.

{short description of image}

Betty Bloye brought this photo taken at Mathewson Co, Opposite Opera House, Brisbane c 1910 - 1920 ? Can anyone throw any light on the family please. ? If yes please contact John Gillbard. Secretary.

{short description of image}

Date of next meeting : March 10th at Trethorne, Launceston at 7.30pm. Meeting closed at 8.35pm.


The Gillbard Family Millennium Reunion is to take place on the week - end of May 5, 6,7, 2000 at Liskeard & Launceston, Cornwall.

May 5th Social Evening at the Eagle House Hotel, Launceston from 5.30pm. . Buffet at 8pm. Transport from Liskeard is arranged.

May 6th Coach trip to Lanhydrock a National Trust historic house, and the Cornish coast to (Newquay & Padstow ). Food will be available at Lanhydrock and a Fish & Chip Supper at Bodmin on the way home. Depart Westbourne CarPark, Liskeard 10.30am.

May 7th Morning Service at Liskeard Wesley Methodist Church, 10-15am. Coach trip to Cotehele National Trust historic house and call at old Gillbard farms and at North Petherwin Church where Thomas Gillbard (1760) is buried. Depart Westbourne Car Park 11.30am. Barbeque and Ten Pin Bowling at Trethorne Leisure Park. 5.30pm.

If you wish to attend, please let Jack Gillbard know at:

0 Dean Terrace, Liskeard , Cornwall, PL15 4HG .


Written on 26/1/2000 ---------------------------Well now the Reunion has taken place and a grand time was had by all, thanks to Jack for all his hard work, and others beside.
FRIDAY we met at Eagle House, Launceston, that is about 190 of us, where we had a very good sit down Salad meal, to the usual high standard set by the hotel.
SATURDAY we left the Car Park in Liskeard at 10.30am for Lanhydrock House which was a very sunny and beautiful day for us, after lunch there we went to Padstow and walked around the quaint fishing harbour for an hour, and then were driven down the Coast road (very narrow in places) to Newquay which gave us an idea of what it looked like. Then back to Bodmin for Fish & Chips and hence back to Liskeard, after an excellent day out.
SUNDAY was begun by attending a Service at Liskeard Wesley Methodist Church

{short description of image}

where in 1890 George Gillbard married Rebecca Philp, and later in 1910 left for Australia and set up the Gillbard line in Australia. After the service the coach took about 40 to Cotehele House for lunch, and then onto Pempill and Norton Farms, where our ancestors farmed from about 1860 to 1980.

{short description of image}

Taken outside Norton Farm , Stokeclimsland at our Reunion in May 2000. All are descendants of Thomas Dinnis Gillbard.

L to R: Oliver and his son Edward, Ruth Lovat, Malcom, Desmond, John E G, Sheila Mather?, Jean Smythe?, David Bienhoff.

Front: Jan Bienhoff , Faith Cole, America ( Amy ) Cole, Estelle Bienhoff. ( All from the U.S.A. & desecendants of Samuel Walters Gillbard, son of Thomas Dinnis who left Norton Farm for America in 1880.)

( Please let me know the names of those with question marks, or any that are incorrect, thankyou.)

Thence onto North Petherwin Parish Church where we saw the Gravestone of the very first Gillbard, Thomas, alongside was the stone of his son John. This picture shows me pointing to Thomas's Gravestone, with Bruce Stanley Gillbard ( Australia) and Ruth Lovat ( nee Gillbard) holding the Gillbard Family Tree, 9 feet long and 2ft wide.

{short description of image}

Thomas came from a farm called Sliddon at North Petherwin.

{short description of image}
From there we went onto Trethorne Leisure Farm owned by Dorothy and Winston Davey, Dorothy's father was a Cyril Gillbard. There Jacks son Phillip had organised a Barbeque which was well received, and people had a chance to study the Family Tree and see a Video of Friday evening and photos taken on the Friday evening.

1st GILLBARD FAMILY COMITTEE MEETING held at Trethorne on June 12th at 7.30pm.

SECRETARY: JOHN E GILLBARD, Telofa,Paynters Lane, Redruth, Cornwall, TR16 4DJ. 01209-213192



Jack reported that he had collected 472 from the Reunion for the children, and that he had passed it to the Liskeard Lions Club who had kindly agreed to match it for . He was going to arrange for Mrs Horner of Penzance to come up to Liskeard and give a slide show of her work in Gambia, on August 25th 2000.

LATEST NEWS ON GAMBIA Mrs Horner came up from Penzance and gave the GILLBARD FAMILY and the LISKEARD LIONS CLUB a SLIDE SHOW on GAMBIA at the LORD ELIOT HOTEL, LISKEARD on Thursday 24th August 2000 at 7.30pm. She was presented with a Cheque for 750 by Brydee Gillbard, Jacks grand daughter. This money will be used to help the children of the Gambia with their schooling needs, and she will take the money out in November when she and a group go out from Cornwall. The Liskeard Lion's Club gave a cheque for 250.

{short description of image}
The Photo below was taken in the Gambia last November, and shows Mrs Horner handing over the cheque from the Liskeard Lion's Club to the VSO Representative .

{short description of image}

The Gillbard Family money is be spent on providing Toilets for a Christian Learning Centre, and next year when she goes over Mrs Horner will bring back photos of it built.This project was chosen as the cost of it amounted to 750,which was the money we had given at our Reunion last May, plus a contribution made by the Lions.

It was agreed that they should be YEARLY at 3.00 or 5 YEARLY at 12.00.
This will help support the costs of the


the mailing & printing of the GILLBARD FAMILY NEWSLETTER once or twice a year.

Committee Meeting of the GILLBARD FAMILY at Trethorne on September 26th at 7.30pm.

The above has taken place and a here is a Resume of the Meeting:

Paula Gillbard presented copy No 1 of "THE GILLBARD FAMILY NEWSLETTER" which you should be receivng in October.

Please read this and join up as a member of the GILLBARD FAMILY. We would be delighted to receive articles on your family, photos of yourselves, especially Wedding photos which include several of you, please name each person, so we may know who you all are!!!.

John Gillbard presented an idea of the GILLBARD FAMILY CALENDER for 2001, this was well received and orders taken.

CHRISTMAS PRESENTS: Yes Christmas is getting near, so go to our GIFT PAGE and see if any thing there interests you?? you find it on the Links Page, but you can click on GIFT PAGE to get there quickly.

Date of the next COMMITTEE MEETING is to be held at Trethorne at 7.30pm on 27 March 2001. If you have anything you wish to have brought up please send your comments/thoughts to the Secretary by March 15th , thankyou.

This Meeting was cancelled due the Foot & Mouth epidemic sweeping across the country, Devon has 61 cases at 26/3/2001, including areas in which our relatives farm, Cornwall with just 2. Many farmers are not leaving their farms for fear of importing the disease, This meeting will be reconvened later in the year when life is back to normal.

{short description of image}