2013 reunion



We met again on Sept 11th at 7.30pm at Eagle House , Launceston.

It was rather a poor turn out as only 16 people met, 8 class members including,

Cuthill, Gillbard, Gynn, Harry, Hicks, Randall, Screech, & Wilson.

We had a very enjoyable time over a Buffett meal, one wife was heard to say that " it is just like family " and others said that it was the best reunion so far, maybe because we are getting to know each other so well again. So those of you who have never been please try to come to our next Reunion in 2006, you will enjoy it I can assure you. The date will be the last Saturday in September, the 23th, 2006 at the same venue. This change of date was agreed by all after an amicable discussion.

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Here is a photo taken at the Reunion, of Brian Tunbridge and his wife Glynis, Brian is sharing with us in instalments his Memories of College life, which are really appreciated, and later hope to be published in book form.


UPDATED June 6 2003 - see HORWELL REUNION DATE is Oct 11th 2003 Eagle House


2nd REUNION SEPTEMBER 14 th 2002

Editor: John Gillbard Email: johngillbard@telofa.freeserve.co.uk

2 nd REUNION SEPTEMBER 14th 2002 at Trethorne Leisure Farm in the afternoon 3 - 5pm and at the EAGLE HOUSE HOTEL , LAUNCESTON in the evening from 7 -11pm.
A great time was had by all so much so that after a vote we all agreed to meet up again in September 2004 at the
same venues.
This time we were glad to have Chris Hunn and his wife join us, but unfortunately several others from 2 years ago could not make it for various reasons, we hope to see you all next time.
Present were: Cuthill, Fry, Gillbard, Gynn, Harry, Hicks, Hunn, Pollard, Randdall, Screech, Werren, Wilson.
Apologies from: Balliston, Crabb, Glanville, Horrell, Marsh, Spriddell, Swanson, Thorne, Tourle, Werring, Wills.
Message to : John Noall & Brian Axford please make contact with me as I have lost contact with you !!.
Here are some photo's taken by Malcolm Fry.
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Adrian Hicks - John Pollard - Rosemary Pollard (Bray ex Howell )
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Chris Hunn - Barbara Gynn - David Gynn - Joan Screech
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Peter Randall - Neil Cuthill - Frank Werren - John Harry
More photo's to follow, thanks Malcolm for these.
After the Speeches by John Gillbard, Dave Gynn, Peter Randall, Frank Werren, Mr Brian Tunbridge was presented
with a copy of Mr Toy's ( our old headmaster ) History of Education in Launceston.
After a very fine meal we all started for home, except Adrian and Robin Wilson who went up to bed together !!!
If you come next time you find out more, I hope to see you all there in 2004, the date will be in the next Newsletter
coming out in November, bye for now.
John Gillbard.
MISSION SUCCESSFULLY ACCOMPLISHED. Well folks here at the end of the 2000 Reunion, a great time was had by all, so much so that we have been asked for a repeat in the not too distant future. More of that later. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Lets start at 2pm when all, well not quite all, met up in the College car park which you saw in the photo in Newsletter No 4. Some of us recognised each other straight away but some had trouble, like myself, sorry folks, I must be getting old.!!
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Assembling in the Car Park, taken by Barbara Gynn.
L to R: Mr Brian Tunbridge, Peter Wilson, Ron Screech, John Harry, Mr Dick Harries, Julian Marsh, John Pollard, John Gillbard, Pete Randall, Richard Thorne, Dave Gynn, Micky Horrell, Malcolm Fry, Pete Glanville, Neil Cuthill, Adrian Hicks, Headmaster. Mr Alan Wroath.
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These photos were taken by Pete Glanville.
Well now , 15 of us were met by the present Headmaster Mr Alan Wroath, who kindly showed us around the " College of Technology " by which it is also known now. This is due to the fact that it specialises in Information Technology ( to you and me Computers ) in all areas of the curriculum. All the students have to learn how to operate computers these days, even in Food Technology etc. The old Gym was taken down years ago, approx 1960 and over the years buildings have been built on the playing fields, their playing fields today are over the other side of the A30, now a dual carriageway. We were taken into the old classrooms, except the LOWER THIRD, which is now incorporated in the kitchen.and Dining room. Yes the Toilets were inspected by some, much improved, mainly full of sinks now, no urinals and only a couple of toilets.!!!! We went upstairs and Neil saw his old Dormitary room, just the same, home from home!!!??? The Head told us that they now took students from Switzerland etc for a term at a time and who use these dorms. Below: THREE WISE MEN!!??
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L to R: ?,?, Pete & Wendy Glanville, Julian Marsh, Richard Thorne, & Malcolm Fry. in the Quad.
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Taken by Pete Glanville, thanks Pete.
The LOWER FOURTH, in the Assembly Hall is no longer . This hall has been refurbished completely, even the stained glass windows and is now GRADE 2 LISTED, and very beautiful, with a green painted ceiling,
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Spencer Toy would be impressed I am sure. It is hard to believe that ALL the school ( approx 150) could get into that space for assembly, we must have been midgets!!?? Onto the UPPER FOURTH through the ARCH, opposite the old MILK BAR!! I did so enjoy that milk, the real stuff, unmesmerised!! This area is now the SIXTH FORM CENTRE, and what a super place it is. In the centre of the old Upper Fourth classroom is a SPIRAL STAIRCASE which leads up to an open study area, very suitable for the 21st century. The LOWER FIFTH classroom is set out as lounge area, we even found an "ABACUS" there, or was it a game called CONNECT 4, remember the yellow & red counters you place down the columns?? This room is now connected to the old Caretakers bungalow which was built alongside some years ago, but had become disused so was incorporated into the the Centre, very nice premises I must say. If the Sixth formers today could have seen our premises they would have thought that they were Victorian, and they would have been correct.!! The little room some of us used as the UPPER FIFTH adjoining the old staff room was still the same but only had an OHP and a desk in it. It was amazing to me that we could all get into that small space.
The old MUSIC ROOM and CHEMISTRY/PHYSIC ROOMS are now really state of the art teaching rooms, fully refurbished. Upstairs is the Food Technology Centre, with Baking Ovens, Microwaves etc.
Behind that building was the TENNIS COURTS , but no longer, just more buildings. The Courts are now across the road that leads up to the Coronation Park, which my cousin gave to the town. We then wended are way back through the buildings to the Car Park, where we arrived about 4.15pm, and I gave out the Commemorative Booklet, for which we thank David for organising & typing and Chris Hunn for the idea as he had acquired a copy put together for a Callington Grammar School Reunion last year. At this point we parted and went our several ways, until we met up at Eagle House at 7pm
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Here Frank Werren, Mike Tourle and John Noall joined us. John had travelled down from Birmingham encountering great trouble with the traffic , but just made it in time and left immediately after the meal travelling back due to work committments. Thanks John for your effort in getting to the Reunion.

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John Harry and Frank Werren. ........Richard Thorne.......
Thanks Malcolm for these photos taken at Eagle House.
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Our M.C. Mike Tourle and his wife..................Richard Thorne & Frank Werren..
Thanks Richard for the photo's. 21/1/01
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Neil Cuthill(Blue Shirt) and his wife, & Peter Glanville, with Brian Tunbridge in the Corner.

If you have not got a photo taken at the hotel, you can order one from Paul Hamlyn, Tel/Fax 01566777804. 5.00 each I get no commission!!
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L to R; Richard T, Wendy, Ron S, Pete R, Robin W, Pete G, John G, Adrian H, John N, Julian M, gerry Uglow, Neil C, John H, John P, Brian Tunbridge, Micky H, Malcolm F, Dave Gynn, Frank W, Mike T,
At the hotel we met up with several wives of our classmates, some being known in the their younger days when at Horwell and Pennygillam. Everyone mixed together happily chatting and the noise was quite intense at times, with much laughter . It was just as though we had all been on EXTENDED LEAVE ( yes all 43 + years) and were meeting up again.
After we had our photo taken officially again, plus many others by our mates, at 8pm we assembled for our meal.
John Pollard commenced proceedings by calling the Register ,
Mr Tunbridge said Grace,
after the meal Mike Tourle proposed the Toast to the Queen and acted as M.C.
He read out a letter from Walter Reeves who was unable to attend due to a holiday. Paul Spriddell sent a letter, which was much appreciated and caused some laughs. Thanks Paul maybe see you next time.??
I welcomed folk and explained how we had managed to find some of you.
Dave Gynn then paid a tribute to our teachers with some of his memories thrown in, such as the occasion when Nigel Perry found a SNAKE in his desk, yes it really did happen, I was there, but I did'nt do it the dirty deed.
Then Mr Tunbridge replied in his own inimitable style, which gave us many laughs. He shared with us that he was a "new boy" in 1952 as it was his first teaching post and last.
Then Richard Thorne disappeared for a few moments with his wife, we wondered why and what was going on , as Mike anounced he was going to do a Cabaret act,!!?? But we soon found out as he returned in his College Rugby shirt , with some parcels and flowers. Flowers for Hester & Barbara , our wives who have been so patient with us, as we have worked on the Reunion, and a framed picture of the College taken by Jim Sturley in about 1958. Thankyou all.
So eventually we parted and went our several ways at midnight, some staying in the hotel, others local B & B's, and we drove back to Redruth, happy but tired after a great day .
Here are some of your COMMENTS:
"I would have been very disappointed had I not made it."
"It was a very special day------"
"We cannot remember when we enjoyed a day so much--------------it was just one long laugh "
"Thankyou both for organising what was an excellent reunion."
" We all had a smashing time that we will always remember."
"What a wonderful evening it was."

PHOTO GALLERY for those members who could not attend the Reunion. if you are not shown here please send me a photo that I could put here, so that we may be able to recognise you at our next Reunion.

Here is Mike "Sammy " Swanson, wife and daughter in Canada, with the Rockies in the background.

We would be delighted to see a picture of those who unfortunately missed the Reunion, so please send me a photo and I will add it the gallery.
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Sammy , his wife and daughter in the USA, July 2001 on holiday.
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Here is HENRY WILLS & his wife Eileen, taken in our garden in October 2000, with their first home behind them.
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Here is Mark Savage with his dog Tess, in 2001
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The College RugbyTeam of 1956.
Back Row Left to Right
? Foley. Micky Horrell, Knight, Dave Crabb, Christopher Davey. Brian England, James Oliver

P.J.Jury. Mark Savage, Keat, Clive Pender, Paul Vernon Roberts, Mike Tourle. Mike Goldring.
Can anyone help with the other names please, John Gillbard.
Finally please excuse my Cornish English. Sorry John H
For those of you who are interested, you can contact the
on 01566-775295.
Gwynneth Wakeham (nee Baker) in Australia will be deighted to supply what information she can with
other Horwell girls onthe net. Her email address is : gandj@hotkey.net.au
She tells me that the next Annual School Dinner is to be at
on October 11th 2003 at 7.00pm.

( She found Susan Vernon Roberts (nee Lyel ) in Australia through this page.)

H Spencer Toy's Books;

He wrote the " HISTORY OF EDUCATION IN LAUNCESTON " which was published in 1965,
and makes very interesting reading over 408 pages.
In Part 1 he covers the " The Lineage of Launceston College"
Part 2 :Other Schools. ( including Horwell )
Part 3: Elementary Education
Part 4: Miscellaneous
I have found one of these books and sent it to Shaun Clark in Vancouver who found it most interesting.

If you would like one please email me and let me know, cost approx 30-35.

He also wrote others like the " Lawrence House " Launceston, booklet again produced in 1965, I have a copy.
He also wrote similar publications like " The Parish of St Mary Magdalene."
" The Methodist Church at Launceston "
" Launceston, the Gateway to Cornwall."
He also wrote " The History of Helston " his home town
& " The Cornish Pocket Borough " ( Launceston) I have a signed copy for sale at 28.

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